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Homemake by Irakleous is a committed development and construction company that ensures professional project management and delivery with lifetime construction warranty.

Branching from Irakleous constructions a company with 30 years construction experience we explored the need to provide customers with exceptional housing options catering various budgets and lifestyle choices. Home is where your heart is and we are here to make it happen!

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Attractive Locations

Attractive locations can vary greatly depending on the specific goals and context of a construction project and this is something that we thoroughly investigate. Several factors often make a location

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Smart Living

Smart living in a new construction refers to the integration of advanced technology and automation systems to enhance convenience, efficiency, safety, and sustainability within residential buildings. These features aim to

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Eco Construction

Eco construction, also known as sustainable construction or green building, refers to the practice of designing, constructing, and operating buildings and infrastructure in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient manner. The

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